Model SA 315 B LAMA
Manufacturer Eurocopter
Engine Turbomeca Artouste III B1
Power 870 HP
Fuel Jet A1
Tank Volume 575 litres
Consumption approx. 200 l/h
Max. payload (irrespective of altitude or temperature) 1.000 kg
Max. departure weight incl. external load 2.300 kg
Reach 425 km
Total Lenght 12,92 m
Total Height 3,09 m
Seats Pilot + 4 Passengers
Max. Speed 210 km/h
  • lama 1
  • lama 2

Due to its flight characteristics and its control mimic, and unlike other helicopter types, the “Lama” can be used in adverse weather conditions both in alpine altitudes as well as in high temperatures (while running our helicopter saw weighing approx. 450 kg).

With this machine, HELIMATIC pilots can give it 100 percent, even under conditions of steady wind, rain and light, dry snowfall.

In any assignment, security for all participants is the primary concern. This is why it is the pilot alone who decides on starting, continuing or discontinuing an assignment.