The Vertical LIMBO® System

consists of tank, drive and operation units. The tank volume of approx. 18 l allows for about 90 minutes of operational time for the helicopter. It is fuelled by a 1:50 mixture of high (95) octane gasoline with two-stroke engine fuel.

The drive unit consists of a two-stroke air-cooled two-cylinder engine with a continuous power output of 45 hp or 60 hp respectively. The fuel is mixed via membrane carburettor. The Variomatic gear box transmits power via a multi-toothed gear shaft to a robust angle transmission onto which additional freewheel mechanisms have been mounted.

The vertical saw is mounted with 10 tungsten carbide saw blades. Each blade is 55 cm wide and has a rotational speed of 2000 rpm. This system allows cutting branches of up to 25 cm thickness. The operational length of the system – from its suspension down to the last saw blade – is variable and can be adjusted to up to 40 m.

The Horizontal LIMBO® System

The tank unit is the same as for the vertical LIMBO® System. But here the drive unit is equipped with an air-cooled 28-hp four-stroke engine. The power generated by the engine is transferred with a centrifugal clutch via Micro-V belts onto two saw blades with a 1 m diameter each. This system cuts tree tops from trunks with up to 0,20 m in diameter.