Using our highly developed saw systems, you can trim branches that have grown into or above transmission lines in a safe, ecological and economic way along ...

  • power lines of all voltage ranges
  • routes of cable cars, chair - and ski lifts
  • catenary wires
  • pipeline routes of oil and gas suppliers
  • public and private roads
  • forest paths and aisles

Both types of saw systems are utilized from helicopters type "SA 315 B Lama".  The powerful performance of this helicopter (870 PS) allows working without any limitations as to terrain or altitude.

We employ this helicopter type without performance cut-backs both in plane and alpine areas and in all climatic zones.  This means unlimited operational application both in high mountains and at high ambient temperatures, e. g., extreme summer heat.

Our teams have long-term experience of excellent timing and cooperation and get their work done in a competent, qualified manner while maintaining high security standards.  

Our work processes are certified to be compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Horizontal saw
(for cutting tree tops)

Vertical saw
(for thinning out branches)